Other Writings

Book in Progress

I’m currently writing a book about meta-narratives: our common stories about who we are, where we’re headed, and why it matters. I’m focusing on the science of how they affect and inspire us and what we can do to make more conscious choices about the stories we endorse.

Working title: Who We Are: Decoding the Psychological Promise and Danger in Our Common Narratives.

In the Media

The science of America’s dueling political narratives. Scientific American, October 3, 2020.

Academic Writing

Here are links for some of the peer-reviewed articles  about my research on worldviews and narrative psychology.

Akers, L. & Saucier, G. (2019). Narrative identity: A cautionary tale. [Comment on McAdams target article]. Evolutionary Studies in Imaginative Culture 3(1): 19-22.    JSTOR Link and Preview

Saucier, G. & Akers, L.G. (2018). Democidal thinking: Patterns in the mindset behind organized mass killing. Genocide Studies and Prevention: An International Journal 12(1): 80-97. https://doi.org/10.5038/1911-9933.12.1.1546    Full Text

Saucier, G., Akers, L.G., Miller, S.S., Kneževič, G., & Stankov, L. (2009). Patterns of thinking in militant extremism. Perspectives on Psychological Science 4(3): 256-271.     Full Text