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It’s been a while, hasn’t it? In my earlier posts, I was mostly sharing my dissertation, which was about metanarratives, the kinds of stories we tell ourselves about our societies and the world we live in.

Next up, I want to share my current writing project, which is on moral psychology. Most moral psychologists have focused on questions of how we know right from wrong, the types of thoughts and feelings we take into account when making moral judgments. My research, though, is on the “moralization process” – how do we, as a society, change each other’s minds about what’s right and wrong? I argue that there’s a simple model of moralization that applies to a wide variety of domains across the political spectrum, from reproductive morality to environmentalism to health-related behaviors like eating, drinking, and smoking. I even tie in my research on genocide, which its perpetrators also justify with moral arguments.

Look for more on this topic later this week!

About Laura Akers, Ph.D.

I'm a research psychologist at Oregon Research Institute, and I'm writing a book about meta-narratives, the powerful collective stories we share about who we are and where we're headed. My interests include beliefs and worldviews, ethics, motivation, and relationships, both among humans and between humans and the natural world.
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